visual      art

“a wide range of artistically performance techniques which, with the help of state-of-the-art technology, are merging together with the accuracy of fractions of a second and therefore create three-dimensional experiences” – this could be a definition of what we do.


the viewer cannot even guess, that the visual and acoustic lightness of – for example a 30 minutes performance - a project like this – takes several weeks of elaboration in advance.


whereby the quick sketch of an idea frequently appears to be the most enjoyable part of the entire work – the following technical implementation requires the commitment of experts from any single trade.


viability, co-ordination, safety-related as well as specifications concerning structural engineering, coding, timecode synchronization, scheduling of employers, hardware and special effect-material, sequence planning - just to name a few of the essential aspects for a perfect show.


our aim is to create a perfect artistically and technical composition to realize a splendid real “stage” for your visions.


… example for a multimedia production in front of historical settings.


extremely cramped site conditions made it necessary to plan and act as hyper-accurate as possible.


especially the pyrotechnical effects – exclusively compared for a performance in close proximity to the visitors – have been evaluated and modified particularly with regard to their safety relevance.


so almost 600 visitors experienced a highly impressive, music-synchronized timecode-show at the highest standards.


… this quick and playful “evening production” shows, what creative employees are capable of!


the white new vehicle including its background simply served as projection surface and was illuminated quite impressively by the use of a large-image projector and specific mapping-software.


a perfect way to put an object like this “into the right light” at promotion shows or in commercials; on a stage or time controlled in a showroom.