flame pillar "rusty"

… our stand-alone eye-catcher!


being usable imposingly almost everywhere in outside areas, our flame pillars are the perfect representative objects – whether on “red carpets”, castles & palaces, gala events, presentations or city-events.


each of the pillars can be placed independently and  serves perfectly as a design object even during the daytime.


the real, warm flame with a burning time up to 7 hours presents a lovely atmospheric illumination of the particular area in the evening hours.


solid materials, the specific construction, approved components as well as a protected, integrated standard propane gas cylinder guarantee the absolute secure application of the systems.


our flame pillars “rusty” are available on a dry hire-basis or including full service.


furthermore, an europe-wide delivery via forwarding agency can be organized – the systems are available in large quantities to realize the equipping of even large-scale areas.