life     voice-  light-  flag      security modules

...offer your guests optimal event security!


an important aspect in this connection is the off-grid alerting of visitors and stuff, as well as the navigation of visitor flows.


among other things § 43 Abs. 2 mvstättv. includes the concrete specification of safety announcements which must be practicable at any time!


our systems include off-grid action up to 8 hours – which is far more than the legislation requires. with that, we can guarantee an additional high degree of safety for your event.


the mobile “life-modules” contribute effectively – already during the event – the visitor´s orientation and information.




announcements or alerts for guests and visitors will be conveyed optimally.


by using a central communication unit, which is located standardly in the events´ central office or the bos- centre, individual spontaneous as well as already recorded advice- and safety announcements can be carried out.


professional redundant transmission paths transfer the speech information within a radius of up to 120 metres, to the relevant receiver-modules. (optional solutions using repeating-elements assist to supply vast areas – as for example water side promenades)


each life-voice module consists of a free-standing mast system with a maximal height of 9 meters – taking in up to 6 high performance horn speakers. a flexible alignment enables optimal sounding and complete territorial coverage of the event area.



modularly equipped, mobile most systems-electively capable of taking in up to 8 led-large-scale-spotlights to illuminate significant areas of an event.


in addition to an off-grid permanent illumination, further modes are available: activation in case of power failure or ‘on-and-off cycles tuned to exterior light conditions.’


to minimize the necessary space for the most systems, life-voice modules and life-light modules can be combined!




oversized visual information systems optimize the navigation of visitor flows.


in general, life-flags are used to navigate visitors to their relevant emergency exits. they could be used as well to sign meeting points or sanitary facilities.


the relevant flag will be illuminated to guarantee its optimal visibility.


a life-flag mast system can be equipped with either a voice – and/or light application.